Hills and Moorlands of the Peak District - Mount Famine, South Head, Kinder Scout and Rushup Edge

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Chapel Data Services Ltd owns and develops the Peak Weather web site and provides web design and software development services. The Peak Weather web site is written using the latest technologies and versions of PHP, HTML, JavaScript and utilises CSS.

The web site has over 5000 pages, is mobile friendly, responsive and has data feeds directly from the Met Office and an FTP windows service written in C#, reading data from SQL Server. The web site is designed to re-use code and is modular.
There are two other C# windows services running continuously on the system - one importing data from the 'Peak Weather' local weather station to an SQL Server database, from where SSRS takes its data to create the many reports available on the site (Power BI reports were generated from the SQL Server databases) and another windows service sending automated tweets to twitter via the Twitter API.

After careful research and a trial deployment it seems Google search algorithms prefer static well named web pages with user friendly file paths to dynamic URLs - hence the need to create partly static forecast pages dynamically completed with data feeds from a Met Office API and re-generated forecast data files.
See System Details for some of the available technologies that provide this site's functionality.

If you have a requirement for a new mobile friendly web site including hosting and maintenance like peakweather.co.uk, then go to the contact link at the bottom of the page for further information.