Hills and Moorlands of the Peak District - Mount Famine, South Head, Kinder Scout and Rushup Edge

Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, Derbyshire Weather Conditions

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Latest weather in the High Peak


General weather conditions are shown above for Chapel-en-le-Frith. The readings also indicative of conditions for nearby Buxton, Edale and the start of the Pennine Way. The current weather tendency can be gauged from the readings provided by Peak Weather in the charts above, e.g. if the air pressure is falling, humidity rising, wind speed increasing and the wind is in a westerly direction - then wet weather is probably due, together with a cyclonic low pressure heading our way. If the air pressure is high and rising, humidity low, with a low wind speed and the wind coming from an easterly\southerly direction then a spell of fine weather caused by an anti-cyclone may be upon us.
An easterly wind in the winter time can result in very cold weather for the UK because the air stream (governed by the jet stream in the stratosphere) is flowing from Eastern Europe, probably Russia and possibly even Siberia!

Just 25 miles from Manchester and Sheffield the weather in the Peak District National Park can differ a great deal from that of the suburban areas of these two cities. Manchester is renown for it's abundance of rainfall but here up on the hills above the city the rainfall can be far greater.
A large area of the parish of Chapel-en-le-Frith lies in the Peak District National Park where there are hundreds of square miles of countryside, enjoying (sometimes!) a climate akin to that of the Brecon Beacon mountains or Cumbrian mountains in the Lake District - although not quite as cold or wet as those areas.

The live Peak Weather system feed is available most days and the dedicated Met Office feeds are available 24/7.
There is a whole host of new specific weather forecast data available for most locations of the UK on this site 5000 UK Locations this data is constantly updated 24/7.
There is also a link to Watts up With That - the World's most visited site on Climate Change Watts Up With That Climate Change web site. The Watts up With That web site provides some very helpful information, complete data and statistics on all aspects of Climate Change.
See the System Details link for an overview of the weather reporting system that is based on SQL Server technologies.

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