Hills and Moorlands of the Peak District - Mount Famine, South Head, Kinder Scout and Rushup Edge

About Peak Weather

This web site and twitter feed windows service are in development out of an interest in the weather but also as a concept and practice to make use of various technologies and IT skills provided by Peak Weather (Chapel Data Services Ltd) that together make an end to end solution. e.g. Microsoft C# windows services for the Data Importer and FTP Data Service (FTP, SFTP), SQL Server, SSRS, Power BI, SSIS, HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript. The transfer protocol is configurable either way but requires the free binary libraries from the SFTP client WinSCP See the System Details link for an overview of the whole system and web site design.
C# Windows Service for scheduled Tweets 


This web site existed in the guise of Weatherstat in the early 21st century and ran for many years providing up to date weather statistics for the High Peak and Peak District. Back then it was hosted purely on a platform of PHP \ MySQL and Apache web server.

This latest site hosts a forecasting service for the whole of the UK and the weather system is recording local weather statistics every 5 minutes.
The Peak Weather system platform is based on Microsoft technologies, e.g. SQL Server, Reporting and Integration services - although the actual presentation layer, i.e. the web site is hosted on an open source platform - PHP\HTML\CSS\Javascript.


There is an archive section on the site where there are statistics from the previous web site - presented for viewing and using as a comparison to see if there is any sign of global warming in Chapel, 15 years on. Not that this length of time is long enough to measure Climate Change considering our planet has only warmed by 0.9 °C in the last 160 years!

Average Monthly temperatures in 2004 (°C)
January, February, March, April
4.74, 4.66, 5.67, 9.25

Average Monthly temperatures in 2014 (°C)
January, February, March, April
4.16, 4.76, 6.80, 9.34

Average Monthly temperatures in 2017 (°C)
January, February, March, April
3.54, 5.06, 7.88, 8.26