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Central England Temperature - Power BI Dashboard

The dashboard is interactive and is served by the Microsoft Power BI cloud service.
Use the slanted arrow (bottom right) to fully expand the visual and the Esc key to return to the original size.
The visual takes time to load from the Microsoft cloud and instructions are at the bottom of the page.

A description of the CET and the dashboard above

The CET is the longest dataset of recorded land temperatures, taken at three locations in England. The locations are situated in a triangle across Central England, at Stonyhurst (Lancashire), Pershore (Worcestershire) and Rothamsted (Hertfordshire). There are monthly averages from 1659 and daily averages from 1772. The Met Office have adjusted the data by -0.2 deg since 1974, to allow for the UHI effect on the three sites.
The Power BI dashboard is work in progress and the page is made up of various visualisations that are mostly interactive but some will be not be, e.g. the recent section is designed to be a static view of the latest data.


Use the angled arrow icon (bottom right) to expand to full screen. Expand to full screen on a mobile, then view in landscape orientation.
The recent section is designed to be a static view of the latest data but the other visuals are interactive, therefore if you select a point on a bar chart, the rest of the visuals should update accordingly. Selecting a Century will filter the data to that century and so on with the Year, Month and Season data slicers. If needed, to make sure all slicer filter selections are cleared, including those not visible due to scrolling, click the Select All button twice, so that all black coloured selections are reset to the default colour.

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence. ref Parker, D.E., T.P. Legg, and C.K. Folland. 1992. A new daily Central England Temperature Series, 1772-1991. Int. J. Clim., Vol 12, pp 317-342 (PDF)