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Recommended Books on Weather and Climate Change

The Two Mile Time Machine (by Richard B. Alley)

The Two-Mile Time Machine is authored by Richard B Alley who is Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences at Penn State University in the United States. If you thought we were living in uncertain times of Climate Change now then read this as historical abrupt changes were fast and furious. If you enjoyed the film The Day after Tomorrow then this book will provide the science behind the story and the film will not seem so far fetched as you might have thought.

The Little Ice Age (by Brian M. Fagan)

The Little Ice Age is a brilliant detailed look at how the 500 years of on\off cold climate greatly influenced civilisation. The Little Ice Age started around 650 years ago and ended around 150 years ago. North Western Europe is still warming up from this cold period and the warming forms a part of modern day climate change. Read how the cold brought frost fairs on the thick ice of the Thames, London, massive destructive Glaciers in Europe and the Vikings settling and later starving in Greenland.

How the Weather Works (by Christiane Dorion and Beverley Young)

This is a great Birthday or Christmas present for a child of age 8 years upwards. It is a best selling book on the weather for Children and has received 10/10 review status on Amazon. The book has a good level of science content to keep both child and adult interested.